ongoing projects

A 2,400 m2 castle
in the Oise region

This castle was built at the end of the XIX th century by the famous architect Paul Ernest Sanson in a Renaissance style. Since its acquisition in July 2020 by our clients, CM Studio Paris has been managing the entire restoration and decoration project of this beautiful edifice intended for residential use.
The exterior works began in 2021 with the renovation of the East and South roofs and façades as well as the Orangerie, the only curved orangery in France. They will be completed by the end of 2022 with the restoration of the North and West front walls and the covering of the Orangery with a curved glass structure identical to the one that disappeared in the 1970s.
The interior works, which will begin in 2023, aim to provide the property with all the elements of modern comfort (geothermal energy, air conditioning, lift, cinema room, spa, smart home system, etc.) while preserving the architecture and spirit of the place. The decoration phase, which will begin in 2024, will magnify the premises by recreating the atmosphere of a large family home from the Belle Epoque.

A 3,000 m2 domain
in the Somme

This castle was built at the end of the 17th century in brick and stone, a style very characteristic of the architecture of northern France. The estate includes the castle, the farm buildings, the dovecote, as well as remarkable stables built in the mid-18th century. CM Studio Paris is managing the entire restoration and decoration project of this country estate intended for habitation. These works consist of the redistribution of the ground and first floor spaces: restoration of the original Guard Room and Parade Room, creation of a real castle kitchen in the spirit of the 17th century kitchens, as well as the equipping of all the modern comfort elements. The entire estate is decorated in the characteristic style of the great aristocratic residences of the 17th and 18th centuries.

A 900 m2 manor in Normandy

This charming property located in the Pays d’Auge and whose original construction began in the 16th century has undergone transformations throughout the last four centuries without losing any of its charm and poetry. Since its acquisition in July 2021 by our clients, CM Studio Paris has been handling the entire project of restoration and decoration of the estate.
The exterior work began in September 2021 with the repair of the roofs and the restoration of the Manor’s façades. It will continue with the renovation and transformation of the former cheese factory into a guest house, the restoration of the former wash house, the transformation of the former greenhouse into a winter garden and the construction of a caretaker’s house.
The interior work will provide the property with all the attributes of modern comfort: lift, floor heating, air conditioning, spa, and more.
The property will be decorated in the neo-Norman style of the region’s manors.

An Art Nouveau seaside house

This Art Nouveau period house located in Bois de Cise was built in 1900 by architect Théophile Bourgeois in an Anglo-Norman style. Since its acquisition by our client at the end of 2020, CM Studio has been in charge of the entire renovating and decorating project of this house located in a preserved environment.
We have extended the house on two floors, giving it volume and light. Two additional rooms now have a sea view. The house is now equipped with all the elements of modern comfort: floor heating, smart home system. The work continues with the building of a garage as well as the development of a garden and a vegetable patch.
The house is decorated in keeping with its rather special environment, that of a seaside house located in a wooded territory.